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Supports YouTube and SoundCloud

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Stereopaw logo main Getting Started

stereopaw is a streaming music bookmarklet side project.

  • Can't remember when that track drops in a mix?
  • Tired of favorites scattered across music services?
  • Want to easily share a snippet of a mix?

Paw28 Get your paws on the browser extension or bookmarklet.

The browser extension allows timestamped playback across all supported sites. Please consider installing the extension.

Paw28 When you hear something you like, click the extension (or marklet) on the page.


Paw28 Submit the track at the time you want saved. Visit the stereopaw homepage to listen, share, and hear the best part of the track.


Stereopaw logo main Support

stereopaw is slowly adding services. Bookmarking is available on the following services.

  • Soundcloud
  • YouTube

For ideal audio streaming, your browser/os needs to support partial http range requests for mp3.

  • Windows 7: Chrome (v 34.0.1847.116), IE 9+
  • Linux: Chrome (v 34.0.1847.116)
  • Mac: (sorry, don't own one!)

stereopaw is a side project to "scratch an itch." Only meta data is stored. Use at your own risk, etc. Feedback and questions are most welcome - send an email to: [email protected] Enjoy!

Add The Bookmarklet

Save the best of the mix.

Drag this button to your bookmark bar

If your device can't drag and drop, just paste the code below in the url or location field of a new bookmark.